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All About Me


                      Hi! My name is Serena Spata (a.k.a. Ms. Serena Coco).                   

This will be my 16th year teaching in Smithtown.

I am really looking forward to another wonderful and exciting year here at Tackan!

You will watch as your child develops over the next year! The transformation from unsure 4th grader to confident 5th grader, ready to take on anything… is an amazing and awesome thing to see! It is one of the major reasons that I love teaching.

I look forward to establishing and keeping open lines of communication between home and school. It is so important that you and I keep in touch often. Without this connection, your child will not reach their full potential.

Please do not ever hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

I can be easily reached through my school email which I check often throughout the school day ( You can also post a comment on this blog. Or of course… you can write me a note too.  🙂

I look forward to a wonderful year together! :o)


Here are some pictures of my family!!

My Family 







Older pictures 🙂 



125 Responses to “All About Me”

  1. sspata says:

    Dear Lauren,
    I am so glad to hear from you! Even with you just down the hallway, I never get to see you! I am so glad that you enjoyed last year. I did too! You’re going to love middle school and you can always come back to visit or write me here on my blog!
    :O) Mrs. Spata

  2. Jane says:

    What a great website and blog! I was looking for ideas to use with my fourth graders on a hero unit. Congratulations to you and your class! I love the idea of the students reading their pieces to their heroes.

  3. Hannah says:

    please post pictures of your new baby

  4. lyndsey says:

    mrs. spata i really miss you and loved having you last year. i hope you will be back for graduation and if not i will defiantly come back to see you

  5. sspata says:

    Hi Lyndsey! It is so good to hear from you! Last year was a great year!! I miss you all too!! I will try to come back for graduation!! Otherwise, you better come visit me!! :O)

  6. sam says:

    hi mrs.spata its sam 🙂 school is not so much fun without you did you name yous baby after josh wright me back:)

  7. sspata says:

    Hi Sam! I miss u all too. No I didn’t name my new baby after our josh…but I do like the name a lot! :0)

  8. Josh says:


  9. Anjali says:

    hey Mrs. Spata! I miss u a lot. School’s fun. I made a lot of new friends. They r sooo nice. They decorated my locker for my b-day. ill never forget that. how’s Tackan? Has it changed a lot? Are there new teachers

  10. sam says:

    its sam hi mrs spata i miss school and you lot. At my dads to get some peacfull time away from my brother . Me and my hero are haveing a realy good time. we saw a realy scary movie well 2 i dont wana say the name ofthen because someone might wach it i dont want other people to be scared. we also stay up playing xbox360 all night like 3 weekes in a row thats an understatment. Today 7/28/11 for dusert we had smothes. we went up state to anna and jos. we went mining and shot dad got us wrist rockets with are very advansd slingshots were are going 1 more time in about 7 or 8 days on my moms side my sisters bets freind anrea was hin by a drunk driver and well she dident suvive;(my sisters freinds comed here down . and when my sister was comed down. she comed anreas boy freind down. by


  11. sspata says:

    Hi Sam! Sound like you are having a fantastic time!!! Even though it is summer time…remember to write with capitals. Show the world how smart you are!!!! :O)

  12. sspata says:

    Hi Anjali!!!! It is so great to hear from you!!! I’m glad that you are enjoying Middle School!! Tackan is great! There have been some moves by teachers to different grades…but everything else is mostly the same. Hope to see you soon!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!! :O)

  13. Alexandra says:

    Hi Mrs. Spata!!!!
    I am sooo happy i am in youur class this year in fourth grade! You seem very very nice. I am looking forward to a great year!!!

    Your Student,

  14. Julianna says:

    Dear Mrs. Spata I enjoyed doing my melting pot project thanks. From Julianna

  15. Alexandra says:

    Dear Mrs. Spata,
    fourth grade seems like my favorite year so far!! Just to let you know, I am studying so much for the next big math test. I always go on your blog!!:o)

    From, Alexandra

  16. Lauren says:

    Hi mrs.spata! Great hollow is so fun! How is your new forth grade class! How’s your new baby and Noah!

    Write me back soon:o)
    Lauren roback

  17. Mohab says:

    Please upload some pictures of Jousuah 🙂

  18. sspata says:

    I really enjoyed hearing all about your family history! Thanks for sharing with us!!! :O)

  19. Alexandra says:

    Dear Mrs. Spata,

    I really enjoyed doing my melting pot project. Thanks!

    From, Alexandra :O)

  20. sspata says:

    You did a great job and everyone really enjoyed hearing about your family Alexandra! :0)

  21. Alexandra says:

    Have a fun weekend!!! :O)

    From, Alexandra

  22. Alexandra says:

    I just wanted to know if you could post the current spelling words on the blog.



  23. sspata says:

    That is a good idea!! I will do that! Check the agenda page.

  24. noelle says:

    hi mrs spata i really miss you and i’m sad that you never got to sign my yearbook but i love middle school exsept for almost al of the teachers at Great Hollow know my sister but i’m managing. Also plese look at my BLOGS!i really want your opinion on them. Oh!one more thing. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!LOL!!

    From your former student,
    Noelle 🙂

  25. sspata says:

    Noelle…it is so good to hear from you!! Merry Christmas to you too!! Bring your yearbook to Tackan and I would love to sign it for you. I will be sure to look at your blogs too. :O)

  26. sam says:

    Dear Mrs.Spata
    I had a great year last year and well let’s just say I’m surviving. My plan to survive fifth grade is to lay low and do my work. Then I’ll have braging rights that I survived a year with Mr.Netter. Honistly he’s not a bad teacher or strict… well he is stickt but fair. He also teases kids in a good way. Then when I get to middle school, I’ll pray I get my sisters old teachers like Mr.Miller. She said he was really nice. Also I promise I will try to visit to teach spanish.

    from sam

  27. sspata says:

    Hi Sam! I would love for you to come back and teach Spanish to my class! It will be nice to see you! Keep up the great work in fifth grade! :O)

  28. Lyndsey says:

    hi me and my friend are trying to make a blog but we dont know how can you help us! 🙂

  29. sspata says:

    Hi Lyndsey!
    Write me on my email and we will talk.
    :O) Mrs. Spata

  30. marisa says:

    Hi Mrs.Spata excited for break?

  31. skylar d says:


  32. Lexi says:

    Hi!!!!!!! Sorry it’s so late to be commenting but I really wanted to because I just found these pictures! I didn’t find out my teacher yet but if you were my 5th Grade teacher I would be super happy. I miss you and right now I’m in Pennsylvania visiting my aunt and cousins and I showed my Aunt Cathie this blog and she loves it! I am having a good summer but miss school a lot. I can’t wait till school!!! Hope your having a wonderful summer!!! Can’t wait to see you and all my new classmates.

  33. sspata says:

    Hi Lexi! It is great to hear from you! This summer has been wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing all of my old students in the hallways next week too! 🙂

  34. Owen says:

    I love school and the best part is that you’re my teacher!! Just want to say you are the best!!!Keep being awesome. 🙂

  35. sspata says:

    Thanks Owen!!! I love school too!!!

  36. Nick L says:

    Hi Mrs.Spata, its Nick. I was in your class three years ago. I was the new kid. Im in 7th grade now and I wanted to say thanks for teaching me that 50 nifty song. I had a quiz on the 50 states and that song made the test really easy. Also cool photos i havent seen Noah in so long he looks so much older. hope to see you soon
    ~Nick L.

  37. Joseph Z says:

    Hi Mrs. Spata. I wanted to tell you what I did during the weekend. On Saturday, I went to Tyler R ‘s house to have a sleepover. The next day I went to my grandpa’s house to celebrate Rosh Hashana. On Tuesday, I watched the second Harry Potter movie and then had my piano lesson. Like Owen said, keep being awsome. You’re a great teacher.

  38. sspata says:

    Thanks Joe! I am so glad that you had such a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

  39. sspata says:

    Hi Nick!!! I am so happy to hear from you!!

    I love that you still remember the 50 Nifty song and that it helped you on a quiz. I used it the other day when I was playing Trivial Pursuit! LOL

    Noah is getting so big! Joshua looks a lot like what Noah looked like when he was younger!

    Tell your family that I say hello!!!

    :O) Mrs. Spata

  40. Joseph Z says:

    Are we aloud to write to people other then you

  41. sspata says:

    I will post comments where you can write to each other, yes. Also, I will be giving you all a different blog to write to each other often. I’ll tell you all about this soon! 🙂

  42. Joseph Z says:

    Thank you

  43. Ingrid says:

    Hi Mrs. Spata!
    Remember me? 7th grade just started and it’s really fun! The sad thing is, i don’t have many people i know on my team… But’s it’s really fun to meet new people! I really miss you and Tackan. You know how you have a choice of what language you want to take in 7th grade? I chose spanish and it’s really fun! Oh, and happy late birthday to Noah! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since i stepped inside you classroom… Wow, time flies! I miss seeing all of my old teachers in the hall. Have a good year!
    Your (former) Student,

  44. sspata says:

    Hi Ingrid!!!

    Of course I remember you!!!! I am sorry that you don’t know many people on your team, but you are so right about making new friends!!! Spanish will be a great language to learn! Thank you for the birthday wish for Noah!! I can’t believe that you are in 7th grade already!!!! Wow!!!

    I wish you a wonderful year!!! Come back and tell me more about how everything is going on my “alumni” page.

    :O) Mrs. Spata

  45. arianna says:

    hi i was just checking your blog i can’t see the agenda and can you give me a class list please! thank you 😀

  46. sspata says:

    Apparently, the agenda page was deleted. We started a new one today. The only bad thing is that you will not be able to look back at any days that have past. But it will work beginning today. 🙂

  47. julissa says:

    Mrs.spata I losed the paper with the projectnwith it

  48. sspata says:

    Hi Julissa!
    I looked on the Tackan website and I can’t find the document for you. I am sure that if you stop by the main office that they can make you a copy of the paper explaining the project. 🙂

  49. sspata says:

    The website is PowerSchool. Your parents should know how to log on to it. Your teacher will be posted on August 29th for you to check. 🙂

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