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We have gone public!!!

on March 30, 2009

Our blog has been mentioned on an international online magazine called the Edublogger.

They noticed our Photo Gallery page and talked about it on their blog.   We are mentioned under number 4 on the list.  Check it out!!!


This should really help us to broaden our international audience and hopefully get us some more blogging buddies.

:O) Mrs. Spata


4 Responses to “We have gone public!!!”

  1. brittany says:

    that is really cool.i like it.

  2. Dr. Leeds says:

    Mrs. Spata
    your blog looks great! I’m so glad that the students are learning so many awesome things in grade 4 and that you are a “technology” pro! fantastic!
    Dr. Leeds

  3. anjali says:

    I can’t believe that!

  4. sara says:

    Thank you Dr. Leeds. We are learning a lot on the blog. You are a super pricnapal. YOU ROCK.
    Your student,

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