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on March 19, 2009

Beginning this week we will be studying a Social Studies unit at the same time as a Science unit. Up to now, we did one or the other. Our Social Studies unit is “Revolutionary War”. Our Science unit is “Physical Science: Matter”.

I have created a “Study Guides” page on this blog. The link is on top of the page. On it I will post the outlines for the current units that we are studying in class. Please use this reference at home throughout the unit. Sometimes after a few weeks working on a unit, we forget some of the information we have covered (expecially from the beginning). Don’t only study the few days before a test. Keep the information fresh in your mind the whole time. 🙂

Use this outline to discuss what we are doing in class as often as possible. Talking about these facts will help them to stay in our memories. Allowing your child to be a “teacher” and tell you what they have learned will help them to make connections and recall the information better for the test.

It is my hope that this page becomes another tool that you use to help your child continue to be successful this year in fourth grade.

:O) Mrs. Spata

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