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Newspaper Club

I just wanted to double check that anyone interested in applying for the Tackan Newspaper Club remembers to speak with their parents and work on your project this weekend. Flyers were handed out on Friday. Mrs. Siciliano would like all who are interested, and available to be dropped off at school Friday mornings, to bring their writing sample in on Monday.

Good luck!


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Student Council

We need 3 students to represent our class in this year’s Tackan Student Council.

Paperwork was sent home last week and we spoke in class about the responsibilities of the position. If you are interested and can be dropped off at school on Monday mornings, remember to prepare a campaign speech. Speeches will take place Friday morning followed by an anonymous vote.

Good Luck!


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Meet the Teacher Night

It was so wonderful finally meeting all of you on Thursday!

I am so excited for this year! I really hope to impart my love of learning and help your children as they encounter new experiences and challenge themselves throughout our units of study! Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us.

:0) Mrs. Spata and Mrs. Gergenti


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Need math help???

I know that fourth grade math is a big jump from third grade math!

In order to help you as your child comes home each night with strategies that you and I never learned in school, I have made a Module #1 math page on this blog.

Be sure to check it out (to the right in the widget bar) for copies of our class notes, answer keys to the practice pages and tutorial videos that I have made to help you as you help your son/daughter.

:0) Mrs. Spata

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New to blogging?

If you are not familiar with blogs, let me give you a quick tour of our homepage.

Your children will become experts…but I don’t want to leave you all out of the loop! :)

Along the right side of this page you will see our “widget bar”. It will be the same on any page of this blog. These are the links and applications that you may find useful during your visit. On other occasions you can ignore them as they don’t often change.

On the top of the widget bar are the page tabs. This is how you can navigate to a different page on my blog. For example you may want to visit the agenda page, or the math video tutorial page when I post it…coming soon!!!! :)

Another widget to note is located under our virtual class pet Montey…you can subscribe to this blog. This means that whenever I upload a new post, it will email and let you know. This could be a helpful reminder if you forget to check it for a few days. No pressure!

Along the left/center of the page are my posts. These will be organized with the newest post on the top. Older posts will be pushed down by newer ones.

The best part of a blog, in my opinion, when compared to a website, is that blogs are interactive! You are meant to post comments to me and other family members/students on many of the posts. I screen all comments, so others will not see it immediately.

I hope that this helped! Let me know if you have any other questions so that I can help you get the most out of this blog! Use the comment tab under this post! :)

:0) Mrs. Spata


Great first week!

It was a great first week of school!!!! We have enjoyed beginning to get to know each of you!! Looking forward to seeing you all this week to continue to learn even more about you and tell you even more about us! :)

:0) Mrs. Spata and Mrs. Gergenti

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Daily Agenda Page

Please be sure to use the Daily Agenda page of this blog.

It is an invaluable resource to see if your son/daughter is copying their agenda completely and accurately. 

:0) Mrs. Spata


I am so excited you meet you all on Wednesday, September 2nd for our first day of school!!!

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Happy summer

How is your summer going so far? Share something fun that you have done! :)

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Do you have a cooler?

We are in need of a few coolers to keep our lunches cold during our field trip on Wednesday. Does anyone have one or two that we can borrow tomorrow morining? It would be greatly appreciated!

Also if anyone has any ice packs that they wouldn’t mind us using to put into the coolers I would appreciate it if you could send it in tomorrow morning too. I will put them into the freezer in the faculty room for Wednesday. Just be sure that it is labeled with your name and I will be sure that it is returned to you.

Thank you so much for all of your support!!!

:O) Serena Spata

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