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Crazy Hair and Pajama Day

The following email was sent out to everyone last night. Just wanted to be sure that everyone saw it. Sorry for the last minute change. :)

Good evening,
    After hearing some confusion about Crazy Hair/Pajama Day, I reached out to Mrs. Siciliano again today to confirm that it was in fact on Wednesday.  During our discussions we discovered that the meeting minutes for Student Council contained the incorrect date, the 23rd.  While it was her intention to have this spirit day on Wednesday it appears the rest of the building is following the date on the minutes.  As a result I wanted to reach out and make sure to correct the date on our agenda.  We WILL be celebrating Crazy Hair/Pajama Day on Monday, November 23rd.  Sorry for the confusion.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Mrs. Gergenti
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Paragraph of the week

This week’s paragraph of the week is a spin on our character trait study from our guided reading groups these past few weeks. Students were asked to describe their own traits and to connect it to a color. Here is a good visual to help anyone having difficulty. Focus on the center of the circle…then move outward until you see a word that describes you. Have fun with this and be descriptive with examples of your “FAST”- feelings, actions, sayings, and thoughts. :)

(click on the image if it appears will load clear for you to read)

color wheel


More Math Module #2 Support

I am so very excited about a new find that I have made while exploring the internet for resources to help support my students and families!

Here is a website from a school district in California. They have made a video tutorial for every lesson of our fourth grade math modules! Now you have my video tutorials to watch and theirs as well! Save this link to reference during our current module! Click the image below for the Module #2 reference site.

Home Page Logo

Remember that this module will last only two weeks! Daily review is very important to help your child succeed! :)


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Math Module #2

I have created a new page (see the widget bar to the right) for Module #2. 

I made a video for each of the lessons for this module! :)

If you are unable to view it (you don’t need to log in just close that box), you may need to download the video. It will depend on your browser.

This is a tricky unit that involves conversions of metric measurements. It is only a 5 lesson module which we will be teaching over 2 weeks time. There is no mid-module assessment. Please begin to review this material now to help your child. 


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I am happy to announce that our first “On-Target” winner for the school year is Rebecca!!!!!

Great job Rebecca!!! You have been trying your best and have been very kind to everyone that you come into contact with! Keep up the great work!!!

:0) Mrs. Spata and Mrs. Gergenti


Happy Big Apple Crunch Day



Website List of our Internet Resources

Fourth Grade Internet Cheat Sheet

(All student user names and passwords are on the inside of their agenda cover.)

Xtra Math (

This site is set up for students to practice their multiplication facts in a fun way. We are asking that all students log on and practice at least 2 times each week as part of their    homework. They will also be logging on in class at least 2 times per week for additional   practice.


Raz-Kids  (

This site is set up for students to independently read and listen to books at an  independent level. (Please note that the A-Z reading levels are not the same as the   district reading levels.) At this point of the year, this is a supplemental resources for the kids to enjoy exploring various texts from home. They will be logging on in class at least 1 time a week.


Vocabulary (

This site is set up to help students learn and practice using the district’s fourth grade vocabulary words. The vocabulary pages from their orange book are online. They also have interactive games, such as hangman and memory, that will help solidify their     acquisition of the vocabulary words for each unit in a fun way. This site will never be used for homework. It is entirely for your use as an additional support option.


Google Classroom (accessed through

This site is set up as different “classrooms” for each subject area. Within each  classroom students will see announcements and assignments. This is an wonderful place where we will work on projects both at school and at home. All work is saved  automatically for your child to work on from any computer. This will sometimes be used for specific homework assignments. For example, their monthly Reading           Response letter will be submitted on here.

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Class Photo Day

We are taking our class and individual pictures before lunch on Thursday, October 29th.

Dress to impress!

:0) Mrs. Spata and Mrs. Gergenti

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Red Ribbon Week

Tackan Red Ribbon Week is next week! (October 26-30)

Monday: BE A TEAM PLAYER! -Wear your favorite jersey.

Tuesday: DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! -Wear sweatpants.

Wednesday: CRAZY ABOUT KINDNESS! -Wear crazy socks.

Thursday: LOVE YOUR FRIENDS AND YOURSELF! -Dress your best. (picture day)

Friday: HAVE PRIDE IN YOURSELF AND IN YOUR SCHOOL! -Wear your Tackan Apparel

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Upcoming tests…

Be sure that you are studying for our upcoming tests. We are working hard in class to help you to review, but you must put the time in at home as well. :)

Thursday 10/22 Vocabulary

Friday 10/23 Math End-of-Module #1

Wednesday 10/28 Movement in the Solar System

Remember to use the study guides/practice tests, your textbooks and notes, the websites that we have to help us, and your memories of the fun hands-on review and video clips that we have used in class. :0)

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