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Tackan Elementary Sixth Annual 

Diamond Blackfan Anemia 

PTA Blood Drive

Tuesday – May 6, 2012

    4:00 pm- 8:30 pm

For medical eligibility please call 1-800-688-0900

To reserve an appointment sign up online at Tackanpta.co

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You did it!!!

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I am so proud of all of you and your hard work these past three days on the ELA assessments!

Tomorrow we will have a fun “You Survived the ELAs” party to celebrate your accomplishment!!

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Some of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers are going to hold a Math Parent Workshop on Wednesday, Aprl 9th from 7-8 PM.

The idea behind this night is coherence in the modules. Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade all spend a large portion of time working on fractions. We believe that it would be really helpful to see a quick mini-lesson of what fractions look like at each grade-level and to then try your hand at a problem or two. The plan for now is that parents will rotate between grade-level centers so that small groups are assured.

You recieved an email from Dr. Leeds with information about how to RSVP if you would like to attend this parent workshop.  This will be a great opportunity to see what current 3rd graders are learning, what your children are currently learning this year, as well as a glimps into how it will all help to build their understanding of fractions in preparation for what they will be learning next year!

I hope to see you there! :0)

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We have one more day of the New York State ELA assessement to go….

You Can Do This!!!!!   :0)

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For the third year, the fourth graders will be participating in a

“Walk through history with farmer and Revolutionary War spy Abraham Woodhull”. It is run by the Three Village Historical Society in Setauket.

The date is still far away, but I wanted to give parents the opportunity to take the day off from work if they would like to participate!

If you are available and interested in chaperoning the field trip on Wednesday, May 14th, please contact me either through this blog or my email ([email protected]).

:O) Serena Spata

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New York State ELA test

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Remember to set yourself up for success…

Get a good nights sleep!

Eat a really filling and healthy breakfast!

Go to the bathroom at home and then again when you get to school!

 Bring to school one or two nice sharp #2 pencils.

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Fourth Grade Assessments

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We speak in class often about how much we have learned this year! It truely is an awesome accomplishment that my students have worked hard to achieve! We tallk about assessments/tests as a natural part of learning. How they help us to see what we have learned and what we still need to put more effort toward understanding better. We do not view tests as a stressful situation! Just a chance where we get to show off all that we have learned! As long as we try our best, there is nothing more that we can do. Everyday we will learn a little more and build our knowledge even further. :0)

While I feel very strongly that we should not be counting down to these dates, I do believe that you should mark your calendars for them.

New York State ELA April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

New York State Mathematics April 30th, May 1st, and 2nd

Elementary Science Assessment June 2nd

Hands-on ScienceLab May 21st or 22nd

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Nick L’s Melting Pot

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nick l melting pot

Thank you to Nick for sharing his families Melting Pot project with the class!

It is so great to learn about each other and our cultural backgrounds!

( I apologize for the delay! I had phone issues! )

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Alex’s Melting Pot

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alex melting pot

Thank you Alex for sharing your families Melting Pot with the class in January!

(I am very sorry for the delayed posting!)

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Peyton’s Melting Pot

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peytons melting pot

Thank you to Peyton for sharing her family Melting Pot poster with the class!!

(Also, thank you so much for your patience for me to upload your picture!!)

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