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Have a wonderful summer vacation!!!!!

Keep reading, writing, and practicing your mulitiplication facts!!

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What a wonderful night!!!!

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I am so very proud of every one of my students!!!

The poetry books were powerful, the hero poems were heart-warming, the art was beautiful, and the poetry readings were impressive!!!!

Great job!!!

PS We are posted on the district website!!! This picture is from the website!! :)


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**Due to the rainy forcast for tomorrow, our field day is being postponed to Friday.**

Please remember to….

Apply sunscreen before coming to school.

Bring only a labled lunch and a seperate, labeled water bottle to school with you. (There will be water stations to fill water bottles up throughout the morning.) NO BACKPACKS are needed!

Wear sneakers and a yellow shirt.

Students will come to school their normal way. Once at Tackan things will be a little different. Kindergarten will disembark to have a fun day at Tackan. All other students will remain on the bus and travel over to the Middle School. If your child is normally a walker or goes to Before-School Care, we will place them onto a bus for the trip to Great Hollow. Students are not permitted to be driven straight to the middle school by parents!

I will be meeting up with the class under the yellow balloons for attendence and then the fun will begin from there!!!!

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Mark Your Calendar

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It is hard to believe that next week is June!!! There are so many up-coming events that your child will get to experience as the year comes to an end!

Grab your pen and calendar….here we go….

Monday, June 2nd:   New York State Fourth Grade Science Assessment

Tuesday, June 3rd:   Fire Prevention with the Nesconset Fire Department (wear sunscreen we will be outside in the morning)

Thursday, June 5th:   Field Day (remember to wear yellow, to wear sunscreen, and bring a bottle of water!) (Bagged lunches from home on this day)

Monday, June 16th:  Poetry and Art Night at Deedwells Mansion 6:30 PM (be sure to visit our Hero Exibit on the 2nd floor)

Wednesday, June 18th:   Water Saftey Presentation

Friday, June 20th:   Sharpen the Saw Day  (passwords will be sent home in the mail on May 30th. Registration takes place online from June 4th to June 8th.)  (Bagged lunches from home on this day)

Monday, June 23rd:  Mrs. Spata’s class end of the year pizza party and Fourth Grade Tie Dye Celebration

Tuesday, June 24th:  Beach Blanket Reading with our Book Buddies (1/2 day of school)

Wednsday, June 25th: Last day of 4th grade (1/2 day of school)

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Our end-of-the-year celebration will take place on Monday, June 23rd at 2:00 PM.

We will be tie-dying shirts to commemorate our fourth grade experience together and enjoy a class pizza party!

If you are interested and available to come in to assist with this event, please contact me. As always, I can be reached by posting a comment on this blog, through my email, or by writing a letter and sending it in with your child. I would love to have 3 or 4 helpers.

Thank you for helping to add another fun memory to this school year for your children!

:O) Mrs. Spata

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To my secret spy…

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A secret spy left a message on my desk yesterday. I finally had time to decode it…

Thank you to Saher for a beautiful message!!! You made me smile!!!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

:o) Mrs. Spata

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Secret Spy Code

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You  need to use George Washington and the Culper Spy Ring’s secret code to read my message!

cj sqw gep lieh vbcu 356, sqw nwuv fi e revlcqv. c bqri vbev sqw ipdqsih vbi vlcr vq eu nwgb eu c hch! ybev e riljigv hes cv vwlpih cpvq 444.


Let me know if you can decode my secret message!!

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We are in need of a few coolers to keep our lunches cold during our field trip tomorrow. Does anyone have one or two that we can borrow tomorrow morining? It would be greatly appreciated!

Also if anyone has any ice packs that they wouldn’t mind us using to put into the coolers I would appreciate it if you could send it in tomorrow morning too. Just be sure that it is labeled with your name and I will be sure that it is returned to you.

Thank you so much for all of your support!!!

:O) Serena Spata

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Field Trip Next Week

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our trip into Setauket where we will “walk through history with Revolutionary War spy Abraham Woodhull” is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th.

We will be leaving almost immediately after the children arrive to school and be gone for a majority of the school day. Please read below to see what you can do to help your child enjoy the day.

Please be sure that your child is prepared for any kind of weather. You may want to layer a short sleeve shirt under a warm shirt.

Please apply sunscreen and bug spray on your child

before he/she comes to school.

Things to bring on the trip…

Picnic lunch (Please keep everything disposable– no glass)

 Plastic water bottle (labeled with your name)

 Comfortable sneakers or boots

(We will be doing a lot of walking in forests and near water.)

 Hat and/or sunglasses

Optional: Small beach towel or blanket

(We will be having a picnic lunch on the Village Green)

Thank you for your support.

This will be a fun and educational day for the 4th graders.

:O) Mrs. Spata


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Don’t forget!!

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Don’t forget to wear your white t-shirt to school tomorrow!

If you can join us at the Kindness Games they will take place from 5-7 PM on the front playground.

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