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The Tackan Times Newspaper

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Be sure to check out the Tackan Times Blog!!! Click the image above to link directly to it.

A few of our students are journalists that write for this great newspaper!

I am very proud of them!

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Mrs. Spata’s Class Accepts the Mannequin Challenge!!

Let’s try this again and think of some interesting ways to be around the room. 🙂




Tackan Teachers Accept the Mannequin Challenge!

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Native American Day 2016

Native American Day was a huge success!!!

We had so much fun learning about some of the traditions of the American Indian culture!




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Math Video Tutorials

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It has come to my attention that the cloud that stored all of my math tutorial videos dropped my account over the summer without my knowledge. I am so saddened to have lost the enormous amount of tutorial videos I had created last year!

Many of my links on the math pages do not work right now. The notes pages do still seem to be working.

I will do my best to remake some videos to help you through this module. Please let me know which lessons you are having difficulty with and I will focus on those lessons first. 🙂

Thank you for your understanding!

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Ellis Island

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Today you watched a short introduction video about Ellis Island.

We will be learning a lot more about it in computer lab next week. 🙂

Post a comment and tell me something interesting that you learned from the video.

Also tell me one thing that you would like to learn more about.

:0) Mrs. Spata




On Target Winner!

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Tackan has a special award that goes to students who follow our school motto.

“Work Hard, Be Nice!”

I am very happy to announce that our first winner of the year is….Isabella L.

Congratulations Izzy!!!! :0)




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Google Classroom

This week we began to use our first Google Classroom!!

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We have been exploring the geography of New York using this interactive interface for instruction.

Be sure to ask your children all about what they have been doing. Also ask them to show it to you! They have their information on their password page of their agenda.

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Spelling Homework

Remember that is set up as your homework for Wednesdays and Thursdays. However you can use it any day of the week to practice/study your words.

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Meet my new students!!!

I am so happy to be getting to know all of my new kids!

It’s going to be a great year!!!



We work hard!



But we play hard too!!



:0) Mrs. Spata

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