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Module #2 math help is here!

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please help

I have created the video tutorials that I spoke about at Meet the Teacher Night. Look above and click the page tab for “Module 2″. Click the purple links to view tutorial videos for each lesson. These are great for kids to watch to review! (Also for parents to watch in order to support your child and what they are learning in class!)

Module #2 is a challenging unit and it is also a very short unit! The end-of-module assessment is scheduled for Tuesday, October 28th. Be sure to practice your conversions!

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On Target Award

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A few times a year, Dr Leeds asks us to nominate a student for her “On-Target” award.

It has been a very difficult choice for me this month! There are so many students whom I would love to acknowledge for their hard work and kindness in class so far this year.


I am proud to announce a student who puts forth her best effort on homework and classwork. Someone who is often seen helping a friend and being kind to everyone. This month’s On-Target winner is…..


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Student Council Representatives

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I would like to give a huge compliment to all of my students who ran to be our student council representative this year. You all gave such great campaign speeches!! I am so very proud of every single one of you!!!


Our Student Council Representatives for this school year will be Caitlin, Michaela, and Ryan. Congratulations!! Represent us well on the Tackan Council!! :)

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Student Council Elections

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This year we have several students interested in representing our class in the Tackan Student Council. Therefore we will need to have a class election.

If you are interested, please prepare a short but persuasive speech to give to our class this Friday. We will then all use anonymous ballots to choose the three people that we believe will represent our class the best!

Good luck to all of you!


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I am so excited to meet all of you tomorrow at our Meet the Teacher/Open House Night!!

Please be in the gymnasium for Dr. Leeds presentation at 7 PM. I will then speak with you in the classroom afterwards.

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Trending Books

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Your child is coming home today with their current “Trending Book”.

This is the book that they have selected for themselves to read for the month of September.

It should go back and forth from school to home EVERY day. This is the book they must use for their 80 minutes of reading a week. They also brought home a Homework Reading Log. The log is due back on Mondays. This is also a book that they will use to read in class as well.

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Great start to a great year!

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We had a wonderful start to our time together! I am so excited to have met each of my students these past two days!!

We are going to have a super year together!!

PS. Don’t forget to bring an all-time favorite book or a  recently read chapter book that you enjoyed to school on Monday!

:0) Mrs. Spata

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Back to School

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Welcome to my class of 2014-2015!

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with all of my new students. We are going to have an amazing year together!!

See you all on Thursday! :0)

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Unsubscribing from my blog

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If you have subscribed to my blog posts but your child is now going into 5th grade…

you probably want to unsubscribe now.

Look at the bottom of your email. There should be an unsubscribe option to click.

Have a great  year in 5th grade! Let me know if you ever need anything at all! :O)

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Have a wonderful summer vacation!!!!!

Keep reading, writing, and practicing your mulitiplication facts!!

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